What is IPM?

The Institute for Pastoral Ministry (IPM) is an educational institution set up by the Diocese of Gozo to offer professional formation to individuals who are already active or are interested in assuming a role in pastoral ministry.

set up by the
Diocese of Gozo

Our Courses

Biblical Formation

This course is intended to prepare
participants for subsequent study of the Bible by introducing the Bible through
a presentation of its various literary forms and categories, basic themes,
overall narrative and theological concern and message.

Safeguarding of Minors

The course is offered to individuals who work directly with children and adolescents within educational and pastoral settings and any others who are interested in safeguarding the wellbeing of children.


Liturgical Formation

The course will be offered for all people, especially those who are interested in the Liturgical Formation.




Better gain wisdom than gold, choose understanding in preference to silver

Prov 16,16

Our Objectives






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