Inclusion and Integration of Vulnerable People in the Community

Course Description

The course aims to provide participants with general knowledge in the area of integration and social inclusion of vulnerable persons. An interdisciplinary approach, considering psychological, social, theological, and legislative disciplines, will facilitate the learners to understand the problem of vulnerability and social exclusion in our society from different perspectives and be able to offer basic skills to students who work with vulnerable persons.


Course Objectives

The participants will be able to:

  1. Listen and understand, interpret verbal and non-verbal cues, and develop empathy skills with persons in vulnerable situations
  2. Obtain basic knowledge about vulnerability, inclusion and integration of vulnerable persons in the community
  3. Have access to literature on topics of study to foster further understanding
  4. Foster genuine and selfless interest in persons living in vulnerable situations
  5. Develop a non-judgmental approach to vulnerable situations and persons
  6. Create networking within a pastoral setting
  7. Acquire basic skills in dealing with challenging social problems and situations
  8. Obtain knowledge of professional settings and organisations where vulnerable persons can be referred to.

Target Group

The course will be offered to people who are interested in voluntary work with vulnerable people in pastoral settings. Nonetheless health care workers can benefit from this course to offer a holistic attention to service users.

Course Level

MQF Level: 4

Course Credits


Title of Qualification

Award in Inclusion and Integration of Vulnerable People in the Community

Course Coordinator

Fr Giovanni Curmi


Various lecturers

Other Course Material