Psychodynamics of Family Relationships

Course Description

The course seeks to provide participants with a conceptual and experiential systemic framework with which to assess their personal family relationships with the intent of improving and enriching them. It will furthermore promote family relational well-being by guiding and encouraging participants to set gradual objectives in relational growth and by giving them practical skills to achieve these desired objectives.

Participants will also be given methodology guidelines on how the acquired knowledge and skills can be shared for the benefit of other individuals, engaged and/or married couples and families.


Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • understand the origin of one’s own beliefs, legacies, main narrative etc.
  • formulate one’s own family relational map
  • adopt practical skills and attitudes by identifying the most appropriate theories for his/ her particular family situation
  • learn healthy communication skills and establish positive communication patterns
  • deal positively with relationship conflicts
  • adopt effective parental skills
  • integrate the spiritual and psychological dimensions of family life
  • understand different psychological family theories
  • grasp the fundamental concepts of the family systems approach and understand the family life cycle
  • grasp the fundamental concepts on developmental and child psychology
  • reflect on fundamental Christian family values
  • access a wide range of literature on family relation issues
  • act as family coaches and pastoral workers in accompanying and assisting engaged couples during marriage preparation itineraries and/or married couples in ongoing formation meetings


    Target Group

    The course is aimed primarily at individuals, engaged and married couples and carers of children and adolescents interested in strengthening their personal family relationships. It is also relevant for anyone working, or with an interest to work, within the educational and/or child and family welfare sectors.



    Course Level

    MQF Level: 4



    Course Credits

    ECTS 3



    Title of Qualification

    Award in Psychodynamics of Family Relationships – theory and skills




    H.L. Anton Teuma



    Other Course Material



    How to Apply

    Choose one of the following methods:

    1. Manual Application:

    Download and complete the application form here. Submit the completed form along with required documents to the Gozo Curia Reception.


    1. Online Application:

    Visit our online portal here. Complete the form and upload necessary documents.


    Note to applicants

    Applications are open till 15th June 2024. This course is limited to 30 applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. If accepted, notifications will be sent via email using the provided address. If no email is provided, notifications will be sent via postal address or contact telephone number.